Why Us

Students from over 12 countries have been a part of our classes since we started in 2013.

Online class features

You can easily access our classes online if youíre not a resident of Islamabad/Rawalpindi or are an international student. Online access is through Skype where you become a part of the class like every other student, slides are displayed on your screen via Skypeís screen-share feature while you listen to Zohaibís lecture. If you have a question, just speak and ask any time during the class Assignments and tests are emailed to you are graded and sent back to you. Just scan or take legible pictures of your work and email it to us. All classes are recorded, if you miss anything, the recording will be sent to you via email.

Why Zohaib Asad Academies?

We focus on exam technique and specific learning: While anyone can teach you the theory, not everyone can make you master the exam techniques specifically required for each subject at O/A levels, when you sign up you will go through the following process:

(i) A career counselling session with Zohaib Asad Syed to determine your aims, optimize your subject selection to suit your goals as well as balance your workload.
(ii) Once you start classes, very specific material is taught to you, books become secondary as your primary learning material will be delivered in the lecture, how to use the specific books for your subjects is also explained.
(iii) Assignments, quizzes will follow lectures which will be directly related to your final exam to hone your skills as your progress.
(iv) Past paper questions and analysis of exam technique is done throughout the course with a special session dedicated to practice of papers at the end.
(v) Final doubts and some important information are dealt with during exam sessions.

At Zohaib Asad Academies, all courses are exclusively taught by Zohaib Asad Syed with a Teaching Assistant and a Senior Teaching Assistant who are selected through a competitive process consisting of an O/A level teaching skills exam which tests familiarity with exam techniques as well as factual knowledge followed by an interview. We are determined to bring students the best teaching experience to lead by example !

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Zohaib Asad Academies

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