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Mission Statement

"Smart Work Not Just Hard Work"


Founded in early 2013 by Zohaib Asad Syed we seek to internationally revolutionize learning at O/A levels.

(i) To revolutionize learning at International O/GCSE, AS/A level to produce productive learners by the use of passionate instructors with a proven track record of high achievements in their O/GCSE, AS/A level under the guidance of Zohaib Asad.

(ii) To develop young professionals by offering them internship opportunities, competitive training and compensation in the field of education.

(iii) To generate external benefits for society at large through focused, energetic, and determined output of learners with not just strong grades but an accompanying vision to lead society towards faster economic growth.

Zohaib Asad Syed completed his O and A levels from Beaconhouse School System, and joined McGill University in Canada where he pursued his bachelors with Double Majors in Economics and International Development. From a young age, Zohaib was adamant about shattering stereotypes and doing something beyond the ordinary. In 2009 came the opportunity when, just as he was about to finish his O levels with routine 8 subjects and 2 extra subjects, he decided to give it a go and picked on some more extra subjects, he succeeded, and from there started a journey of ruthless hard work which ended in 2011 with Zohaib scoring 28 A’s in O/GCSE level and 10 A’s in A/AS level along with CIE Top in the Region awards in O level Human and Social Biology and AS level General Paper.

His achievements brought him recognition in the print and electronic media, the Prime Minister of Pakistan’s office invited Zohaib to the Prime Minister House where he was applauded for his achievements and presented with a cash prize of 1 million PKR.

But his achievements, as he describes, are ‘not an end in themselves but a means towards an end’, he says, “I didn’t aim for any specific number of subjects, in fact I never stopped, I got some time later while I was on vacation in Pakistan and gave some more subjects so now I have 33 A’s in O/GCSE level and 12 A’s in A/AS level, it’s a passion, I give subjects with a few days of preparation now, and I will continue to do so whenever I have time, and new subjects are released, because I want to lead by example in my teaching experience, which is not my primary career but a passion, an instinct which I follow because I feel I have been designed by God to do it !”


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  • Congratulations to Our High Achievers for CIE May/June 2017

    08/17/17 10:58 PM

    We are proud to have over 90% of our students score their target grades, get out of difficult situations, meet university requirements. We wish you all best of luck of the future! Keep making us proud.

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  • M/J 2016 Results

    08/22/16 12:28 PM

    Congratulations to all of our high achievers as well as dozens of other students from around Pakistan and predominantly the Middle East who managed to significantly boost their grades !

Zohaib Asad Syed

  • Double Majors in Economics and International Development - McGill University, Canada (Class of 2015)

  • Beaconhouse School System, Islamabad (Class of 2011)

  • International A/AS level 12 A’s

  • International O/GCSE Level 33 A’s

  • Top in the Region Human and Social Biology

  • Top in the Region International General Paper

  • Prime Minister of Pakistan’s Award, BSS Gold Medal, POF Gold Medal, PAFP Gold Medal

  • First person in the history of the world to have qualified a total of 50 International O/GCSE and A Level subjects combined.

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Zohaib Asad Academies

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